Friday, July 1, 2016

The Problem with Co-Sleeping

Illustration © Pixabay
Co-sleeping sounded like a great idea to me after nursing my son and waking up several times a night. At first, co-sleeping allowed me to get more sleep because I didn't have to get out of bed to nurse.

On some primal level, I also took comfort in the fact that my child was with me all night. If we were still cavemen, I'm sure we would all sleep in the same cave and not put our children in separate little caverns.

However, the problem with co-sleeping is that parents do not get any sleep. After more than three years of co-sleeping, I was simply exhausted and depleted. Sleep deprivation causes a range of side effects, and most parents are all too aware sleep deprivation is a form of torture.

We have since moved our children to their own beds. Hearing my daughter cry for 10 minutes before she falls asleep in her crib is torture in its own way -- but it's a small price to pay for eight hours of sleep.

Of course, this is only my experience. Other parents may love co-sleeping and have only a positive experience.

Nina Snyder is the author of "ABCs of Balls," a children's picture book that makes learning the alphabet fun for toddlers. Follow her on Twitter @nsnyder_writer.

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